Information til den studerende

Dear iE Team,

We - being a Danish family - had a very good experience using IE for the high school stay for our son. Casper is a very avid sailor on high level. It was therefore very important for him to find a location in the USA where he could continue his sailing career at the same time as experiencing a year at a US high school. For almost all the high school programs in Denmark, there was no possibility to select a specific location in the US for him. Using our sailing contacts in the US that was possible, and the family was included as a host family by IE.
The introductory interview with Jane Lorentz was well organized and we discussed the many aspects of a high school stay in the US. Unfortunately there was not an information weekend in Denmark, but it was actually nice for Casper having to join a German orientation weekend in Germany. He got some new friends and practiced his German as well as English a little bit.
IE is approved by the Danish authorities, so it is possible to get an amount of 10.000 DKK back from the government to help pay for the stay.

As a parent you are perhaps worried about all the documentation needed (contract, visa, insurance), but IE was able to help with all that and was flexible and fast when needed.

All in all we have had a very good experience using IE to arrange our - still ongoing - high school stay for Casper.

Best Regards
Claus L.